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Eagle Mama's Mind, Body and Spirit Life Enrichment

About Me

Please join spiritual entrepreneur Trista on her journey. Her soul's purpose is enriching the lives of others in mind body and spirit. Trista had a deep calling to study in social work where she successfully graduated and worked in the field for many years. She then later discovered her spiritual gifts enriching the lives of others. Every journey Trista has taken she has made impacts in the lives of others she continues to strive to help others see the magic within them. Are you ready to see the magic that life has to offer? Are you ready to enrich your life mind body and spirit? Its time to take the leap and book one of the many healing services Trista offers today.


Offering a wide range of readings to help bring you clarity in your mind,body and spirit

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Womb Reiki Healing​

Exclusive Womb Reiki for fertility and more.

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Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a holistic approach that is energy healing.Reiki has many healing benefits that  can aid in stress relief, anxiety , pain relief, creating peace in mind, body and spirit , balances energy in the body, relaxation , immune system support and relaxes the muscles.

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Spiritual Development and Support Group

Are you interested in learning more about spirituality and want to connect with like minded individuals? Join me in our free Spiritual Development Support Group.

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Free Facebook Group

Join me on Facebook where live demos and readings take place.

Specials and Events