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Eagle Mama's Mind, Body and Spirit Life Enrichment

Oracle  Card Reading Services

I am a highly intuitive being and a channel for spirit. Each Reading I take time to prep my self before beginning your session threw clearing my energy field and lifting my vibration in order to connect with spirit. I then set the intention to connect with spirit and your team of spirit and open my self to receiving the information that is needed.  I pick up on a lot of things threw my spiritual clair's and use oracle and tarot cards as a tool for further guidance. All Readings come in video format unless specified that you would like a written copy. The reading is sent to your email with a private YouTube link.

For any questions please email me at [email protected]

~All readings should be used as entertainment purposes and i am not liable for any actions you do. You must be 18 years or older to purchase~

All Prices are in Canadian currency please use a conversion calculator to figure out the price in your area.

Monthly Mind Body Spirit

This reading focuses on  your mind body and spirit for the month what action steps can you take for each aspect to assist you in getting the most out of the month.  This Reading is 15 minutes long via Video.

Monthly Mind Body and Spirit

Fertility Reading

This reading will be a prediction of conception and gender of baby.

After payment has been made please send an email to [email protected] with a photo of yourself ( not necessary but it makes it easier for me to connect to your energy) let me know if you are currently TTC , any living children or losses.

*This reading should be used as entertainment purposes only*

Fertility Reading

Inner compass Reading ​

This has become one of my most popular services, helping clients discover what their inner compass is needing at this time. This reading will look into your current energy and what is grounding you helping you stay focused  at this time, your current thoughts and perceptions. what do you desire and how you are feeling emotionally. we will focus on what is needing attention and action at this time and how you can better direct your energy and time. Exploring what is no longer aligned with you and how to bring more flow to what is aligned for you and a prediction of the vibrational energetic shift. This Reading is Aprox 30-40 min via video.

Inner Compass Reading

Spirit Message

This reading is perfect for a quick question for spirit. This will be a 10-15 minute reading on what ever message spirit has to say to you. If you would like to ask a specific question you can email me your question once payment has been made. [email protected]

Spirit Message

Balance Your Chakras Reading

This reading is amazing combine with a Reiki healing session.  This reading looks into different aspect of each of the chakras..  How can you step more into your soul purpose while receiving clear intuitive thoughts. Discover how to communicate more clearly and effectively while you embody more passion and compassion in all of your relationships.take back your personal power and action steps on how to call in more abundance building a better foundation.

This reading is aprox 30-40 min via video.

Balance Your Chakras Reading

Up Lifting Energy Reading

Get back to your balanced self with this up Lifting Energy Reading I look into many different aspects of your life helping you clear any energy you may be holding onto that is no longer aligned with you . This reading will help guide you threw the energies and how you can move forward.

This is a 60 minute video reading sent to you with a private link.

A releasing prayer is done during this session.

Up Lifting Energy Reading