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Eagle Mama's Mind, Body and Spirit Life Enrichment

Reiki Healing Services

Reiki is a holistic approach that is energy healing. Reiki has many healing benefits and can aid in stress relief, anxiety, pain relief, creating peace in mind body and spirit, balances energy in the body, relaxation, immune system support and relaxes the muscles. I also work with various archangels and do candle rituals bringing all my Reiki sessions an amazing experience.

All Reiki services are distant Reiki sessions  clearing any energy that needs to be cleared. I will write down any information I receive while tuning in to your energy. Once payment has been made I will email you to schedule the appointment with the information Reiki package on how you can prep for this session.  Any further questions please email me [email protected]

~Reiki services should not replace the opinion of a medical professional~


This 15 minute Reiki session will focus on a specific area sending healing . Examples headaches, injuries, pain etc.

Area of Focus Reiki

30 Minute Chakra Session

This 30 minute Reiki healing charka session will send healing to each chakra. I will send an email after session to deliver anything that was brought forward during the session.

30 Minute Chakra Session

Bundle and S​ave

This package is amazing if you are someone who is suffering from  any type of illness .  Some examples headaches, back pain, muscle pain,anxiety, depression. This bundle includes a consultation where we will be discussing the area we are focusing on. We will do 4x 15minute Reiki sessions (one session for 4 weeks). This is four sessions for the price of three.

Bundle and Save

Family and Group Reiki Bundle

This Reiki service bundle is amazing for your family and friends. If you find that everyone is just not their selves lately and could use a little reset and clear the energy fields. This reiki session will be 30minutes long and can include a maximum of 10 participants additional participants will be an extra fee per participant.

Family and Group Bundle
Extra Participant