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Eagle Mama's Mind, Body and Spirit Life Enrichment

Specials and Events

I often feel called to run special events. Please check back regularly for monthly specials and events.

Special Limited  Time Offers

Changes Monthly

Monthly Mind Body Spirit Message *Intro Pricing*


This is a new monthly reading that will be available. 

This reading is approx 15-20 min recorded via video

Mind- a card for the over all energy of your mind for the month

3 action step cards on how to improve your mind

Body- A card to represent the overall energy if your body for the month

3 action step cards pulled

Spirit- A card to represent the energy of your spirit for the month

3 action step cards

Monthly Mind Body Spirit message

Balance your Chakra's Reading *Intro Pricing*


This reading focuses on your 7 chakra's and the steps to take to help balance your 7  chakra's.

*you can combine this reading with a Reiki Healing service and receive 15% off your reiki session email me at [email protected] to receive discount*

This will be approx 30-40min session

I will pull cards for each aspects below

How to step more into your purpose in life

How can you heighten your intuition and receive clear thoughts

How can you communicate more clearly and effectively

How can you embody more passion and compassion in relationships (with self and others)

How can you embody more self esteem and personal power

How can you call in more financial abundance and create passionate relationships (with self and others)

How can you strengthen your foundation.

Balance Your Chakras Reading

Inner compass Reading *Intro Pricing*


This Reading will reflect on how your inner compass is doing and how to balance your inner compass.

This should be approx 30-40 minute reading via video.

I will pull cards for the following
your current energy

What is grounding you and providing you with focus at this time

your current thoughts and perceptions

your rising desires and primal needs

how you rely feel emotionally

what is needing attentions and action

where can you direct your energy and intentions

what do you need to let go of and let it flow

the out come of your current vibrations

Inner Compass Reading

Coming soon