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Eagle Mama's Mind, Body and Spirit Life Enrichment

Womb Reiki For Fertility and More

I Was Diagnosed with PCOS at a young age. I suffered from irregular periods , weight gain, painful menstrual cramps, tiredness , excessive hair growth for years. When it was time for me to start a family of my own it took many years of various fertility treatments. I was loosing all hope that a baby was in my future. The last round of fertility treatment I took a ride to go visit my dad at his graveside it was the anniversary of his passing. I sat there and I prayed to him to help me achieve me dreams. Something washed over me that day and my perception changed I felt relaxed and felt for once in a very long time in my life that I would be okay. I was blessed with Twins that cycle. Not to long after my twins were born I was blessed again with another baby.  I knew I wanted more children and I kept saying what ever would happen would happen and it did. Shortly after having my youngest my cycles began to go back to irregular and almost none existent until I decided to do some meditations and sending Reiki to my Sacral chakra. I held a lot of trauma in my Sacral Charka causing a lot of my infertility. My cycles are now on average 38 days and when they are late I will send Reiki and welcome my period.

 Our Sacral Chakra is our energy centre below our navel the house of creativity, sexuality centre for pleasure and emotions. when this is blocked  we can experience infertility, lack of pleasure, feel tired, insecure, detachment, lower back pain, ovarian cysts,pelvic and lower abdominal issues.

Reiki can be sent from any where in the world I tune into your energy and send healing.

I am now working with clients in helping them heal there Sacral Chakra.

Offering a wide variety of womb Reiki Sessions

Quick Sacral Charka Healing

This Session is a 15minute distant Reiki session focusing on your sacral chakra.

Quick Sacral Chakra

 Realign Sacral Chakra Healing

This Distant Sacral Chakra Reiki Session will be a hour long. Before doing this session I will send you an consultation email where we will discuss where you are feeling blocked.

For example if you are currently having a hard time trying to conceive, or have been diagnosed with PCOS , Endometriosis, irregular cycles etc

Realign Sacral Chakra Healing

Ultimate Sacral Chakra Healing Package

Reiki is the most beneficial when we provide treatment each week on the area of focus. If you are someone who is trying to conceive this package is for you. We will have a consultation appointment where we will discuss  where you are on your conception journey.

We will be doing Distant Reiki Services for 4 weeks. ~This doesn"t guarantee conception or   replace a medical professionals opinion~

Ultimate Sacral Chakra Healing

What our Clients are saying

Hi Trista,

Just wanted to write my overall experience that I had with you and the feedback I have.

For the first time in years I have had a ‘regular’ cycle. My cycle was exactly 28 days long and I actually ovulated according to a blood test I had taken. Whilst this cycle I didn’t end up pregnant, I have had the go ahead to start my first IVF cycle at the beginning of October and I’m feeling positive about it (keeping those fingers crossed for a positive pregnancy test at the end of my IVF cycle!)

During the reiki sessions I had, I had an overwhelming sense of calmness and I was able to vision my future with my children (in particular I could see my son when he was grown up). During the weeks in between the sessions I had something remind me to stay positive and strong and to think of all the good things that are going to happen.

Now that the reiki sessions are over, I can say that I have a much more positive outlook on life and I can stop myself from letting negative energy enter my mind. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and support.

Thanks so much Trista. Hope you’ve been well. Take care xx

Kind regards,


Client had ultimate Sacral Chakra Package